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A digital expert who delivers high ROI, custom lead generation campaigns.

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Lead Gen As Individual As Your Fingerprints

Instead of running, generic, brand based advertising and hoping customers contact you, I focus on 100% custom digital lead campaigns aligned with your service's revenue goals.

Your advertising ROI is optimized across all marketing channels through my own proprietary process - called the Profit Loop™.

The Profit Loop™ process cycles continuously until your marketing campaigns are profitable and maximum ROI is achieved.

End result: more leads, less cost, more profit.



10+ years experience and a deep knowledge of service based lead generation, digital marketing and ROI tracking.


National Healthcare Company

Pioneered an innovative lead acquisition strategy that accelerated monthly patient lead volume from 100 leads to over 6000 at below target cost per acquisition.


Mortgage Brokerage

Developed a lead acquisition strategy in a highly competitive mortgage market yielding a 4 to 1 return on marketing investment for the client.


Marine Survey Company

Targeted lead acquisition strategy developed and executed generating interested clients and survey bookings within hours of launch.


Tracking ROI

Developed a comprehensive online & nonline tracking system and dashboard for a $100 million dollar a year company. Company was able to pinpoint which marketing initiatives had impact on business objectives and found new growth opportunities through data analysis. Lifted B2C campaigns to achieve an average of over 203% ROMI.

"Christian is one of the most dedicated professionals I know. Results oriented, reliable, and thorough when it comes to lead acquisition, not to mention very strong problem solving skills. I highly recommend him to anyone."

Heather Shantora, C.E.O. at InnoCare.

"Christian is a person with great expertise and profound knowledge of lead generation, digital marketing and ROI tracking. I find Christian to be highly motivated, brilliant, goal oriented and well educated in the area of lead acquisition. He’s a forward thinking team player with a very strong work ethic and always maintained very good relations with our staff. His wisdom and intelligence and straight-to-the-problem way of thinking makes him able to solve tough challenges. Highly recommended."

Mark Cho, Board Member, Cardiogo.

"Christian is one of the best I’ve met in the lead generation service business. His insightful and proactive lead acquisition delivers results plain and simple. Christian listens and is always capable of adapting to new requests and ideas."

Andrea Ryan, Accounting Manager, Unimor Capital.

"Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Christian will truly appreciate his go-the-extra-mile attitude, and to help his clients succeed. He is very pleasant and easy to work with. Christian has excellent communication and business intelligence skills. I would gladly refer his capabilities to anyone, any day."

Michel Frigon, Senior Account Manager, Publipage.

"Passionate about lead generation, a creative stickler, with a keen ability to analyze and focus in on metrics that matter. Christian definitely shines in a fast-paced environment. I would highly recommend him to anyone anywhere."

Rick Lau, President, Clinic Supplies Canada.

"I can recommend Christian as a person with great proficiency and deep experience of digital marketing solutions. He’s a creative strategist with great interpersonal skills. Customer focused and honest team player. Within the first day of our lead campaign we were booking surveys. If you ever need someone to deliver, no slip-ups, just results, Christian is your go-to person!"

Craig Morley, President, Aquafacts Marine Surveyors.

"I had the pleasure of working with Christian during my time at ptHealth. Right away, it became clear that we were on the same page regarding the benefit of a targeted and controlled Internet strategy with measureable results. He understood internet marketing at a granular level, as well as the effectiveness of search engine optimization and search engine marketing. He ensured that the internet strategy was aligned with both the overall marketing strategy and the company vision. I was pleased to have Christian participate in our marketing discussions where his perspective and experience added much value."

Gerry Barg, President, Mensura Research.

"Christian did an exceptional job on a recent web project. He is deadline oriented, insightful and a strategic thinker with excellent communication skills. I can highly recommend working with him"

Scott Beckett, Partner, Kearns Edgewater Financial Services Inc.

"I had the pleasure of working with Christian both as a colleague and as a client, and in both cases he has earned my upmost praise. His knowledge in digital marketing and lead acquisition are among the best in the industry and is only out done by his great personality and work ethic. As a colleague, he was an A player that was able to balance team work and personal execution. As a vendor, Christian was careful, proactive, and intelligent, and provided much more value than he charged for. It speaks to his desire to always under promise and over deliver. He earns my highest recommendation and would undoubtedly be a tremendous asset to any organization. "

Raymond Yu, MBA, President of Palettera Custom Correspondences.



Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself
~ John Dewey.


University of British Columbia

Digital Analytics Program

This award-winning certification program focuses on how to define, track, evaluate, and optimize a website and other digital offerings to improve visitor conversion goals. Deep analysis and understanding of data generated by digital analytics reporting tools, suggested improvements to the reports generated, transform information into actionable insights a company can take to improve website visitor centricity, profitability and drive change within an organization.

Digital Marketing


Online Marketing Certified Professional

OMCP Certification is the industry’s premier certification for online marketing professionals who have extensive training, verified experience, and have demonstrated knowledge of online marketing concepts and best practices across multiple digital marketing disciplines. Customers, co-workers, employers, and partners can be assured that OMCP certified professionals have proven their knowledge and are committed to maintain generally accepted practices through the industry’s top training providers, organizations, and industry events.


Facebook Blueprint

Blueprint Certification

Blueprint helps standardize agencies, partners and marketers in development of ad campaigns that drive business results. Certification includes topics such as campaign optimization, targeting, video on Facebook, reporting and measurement, and more.



Inbound Certification

Effective inbound marketing strategy, landing page development, database segmenting training. The Hubspot Inbound Certification helps lead generation service providers and consultants provide optimal results for their clients.


Market Motive Certification

Online Marketing Certified Professional

Taught by renowned digital analytics expert Avinash Kaushik, training provides academically-structured, outcome based learning paths licensed by higher ed and professional institutions world-wide. Training provides Key Performance Indicators & Analytics Techniques, segmentation concepts, reports and metrics, qualitative research, experimentation & testing, competitive intelligence analysis, multi-channel analytics, dashboard development, industry models, complex measurement, and approaches and more.


Google Analytics Certification

Individual Qualification


Market Motive Certification

Conversion Rate Optimization Certification

Taught by renowned author and conversion specialist Bryan Eisenberg. This program provides education on conversion planning, conversion design structure, creating conversion structure, building momentum, engaging in a dialog with your users, analysis & measurement, taking action with conversion strategies, page optimization, PPC conversion strategies, conversion math analytics and more.


Market Motive Certification

Certified Pay Per Click Practitioner

Taught by renowned author and PPC expert Brad Geddes. This program provides education on Writing Effective Ad Copy & Ad Extensions, Campaign Settings, Conversion Tracking, Bidding, and Reporting, Utilizing the Display Network, Account Organization, Understanding Quality Score, Creating Your Account Strategy & Launching & Monitoring Accounts, Testing & Advanced Landing Page Strategy, Tools & Other Networks and more.


Google Certification - Advanced

Google Adwords Qualified Professional / Advance Search Advertising


Google Certification - Fundamentals

Search Fundamentals Exam


Market Motive Certification

SEO Practitioner Certification

Taught by renowned author and SEO expert Todd Malicoat. This program provides education on On-Page Best Practices, Keyword Research, Competitive Analytics, Design & Architecture, Site Optimization & Best Practices, Link-Building, SEO for Local Search, SEO Site Audits, SEO Algorithm Updates, SEO Tracking, SEO Tools and more.



Over the years I have picked up many skills that I pass on into each lead generation campaign I develop. Below are just a few highlights:

  • 86%


  • 84%

    Cust. Discovery

  • 99%


  • 95%


  • 80%


  • 75%


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